Day 248: Free Yourself from Anger and Jealously: Part 4

ego1391789_10150423519021275_578586274_8957014_217698180_nFor proper perspective to this post, please read part 1, 2 and 3

From part 1:  Problem: Within the above statement/thought there is a truck load of memories and associated emotions of resent/anger/jealousy, which chain me to the past. I am existing in separation from this couple, limiting both them and myself to ideas/characters which I hold onto to, to define all of us, based on memories of the past. Thus, I am unable to see what is here, as direct reality and unable to change what is here. Solution: Change my relationship to what is actually here in reality-from mind to physical-and thus change my relationship to myself and others, into what is best for all.

Thought: I always felt ‘less than’ going to their cottage. Why do they get the perfect life? It really makes me angry!

THE SOLUTION:  The daily process of applying the following commitment statements:

When and as I see myself going into thought patterns and the emotion of anger, about this couple/issue I stop and breathe. I remind myself to not go into extreme thinking, based on the past as experience but to remain here in reality so I can express myself as life, not just a reacting robot, following a script/tape in my mind. I realize I do not know them anymore or what they are facing in their lives/how they experience themselves. I also realize I am playing a separation game in my mind, justifying my anger at life’s inequalities by projecting it on this couple’s situation. Thus, I commit myself to not participate within this thought and the energies it subsequently creates within me.

When and as I see myself engaging in fear, about beingless than/inferior’ to this couple, I stop and breathe. I make sure to stop using others as an excuse to avoid facing issues within myself/my life that require direction. I understand I was not capable at the time ( when I spent time with them in the past) to fully comprehend or deal with the storm of emotions within me (fear/jealousy/anger) but looking at the memories practically we always got along, I was never rude or difficult in anyway and they were always kind to me to the best of their ability (=nothing bad happened). I now see I must face my own fears of standing up/fully committing myself to self-correction and thus, holistically, the correction of world’s systems so that inequality is eradicated. Thus, I commit to change me and stop blaming others for how my life turned out or how life on earth currently exists.

When and as I see myself participating within old definitions of the words ‘success’ and ‘failure’, and subsequently the design of competition and comparison, around this issue I stop and breathe. I make sure to re-define these words, using common sense as : failure; a pause in a task, thus a process in which I re-assess what I need to improve/learn before I begin the task again, and success; the point where a task is learned thoroughly and competently so it is performed skillfully AND in a way which is best for all, if it does not benefit/take into account ALL, there simply is no ‘success’, as we are all connected and thus inter-dependent here on our ‘homeland’ earth. Thus, I commit myself to the process of becoming the living word, so I may live the words I speak and I can trust/others can trust what I speak, within and without.

to continue

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