Day 256: Reacting to Night Sweats


Angst is pure witte energie

I have, in July 2012 examined the point of  menopause  as in the agreement of passing time. In this post I will look at the point of night sweats I am facing in the present. I have been waking up with nights sweats for I suppose 2 years now. It is very severe and continuous, about every 30-40 minutes, now and then an hour. It has definately ‘turned my world around’ and somewhat consumed me, as in changed my day and night pattern, with regard to sleep and sometimes consumed my mind. I have been pretty diligent about not letting thoughts possess me but I noticed lately, the sweats (day and night) seem worse and I am going into reactions more, like a hopelessness and panic/fear that I cannot cope any longer.

I have tried everything and the only thing that worked (not entirely but I could get a decent night sleep) was taking estrogen (a hormone replacement). I took it for 6 months and it was awesome, it felt like my life was given back to me. I was soooo grateful for agood nights sleep! However, after having an irregular mammogram, it was suggested by my doctor to go off it. Now I am having the same thoughts as I did before I went on the estrogen, like ‘oh god, its almost bedtime, I have to go through that again, I can’t stand it’. It just plain sucks to dread going to bed. Sleep should be a welcome part of a 24 hour day, to rejuvenate the body, not to endure suffering! (it is not painful, I would call it suffering though). So I am back to trying all sorts of diet changes and natural remedies but nothing is giving relief.

It is strange because a few months ago I was not having much backchat/thoughts or reactions as there was a slight ‘let up’ in severity of the sweats, so I could ‘handle it’ better. When I traced my steps I noticed a few changes I made that may have caused thischange in the severity of the sweats. So I have started taking hormeeel drops again (suggested by my naturopathic doctor) and going for longish walks again (although it is freezing out, lol) and may cut out one of my two cups of coffee in the morning, in hopes to have this relief come back. Been about 3 days, no change yet.

It is frustrating, it’s like there is a meter of internal heat that I-my mind/body/being-can ‘handle’ and once I am over that temperature the mind-thought patterns and reactions start up again.

From what I understand, from my participation within Desteni, the sweats are caused by all the energies I have built-up, throughout my lifetime, and held within my physical body. So all my suppressions, issues (thought/feelings/emotions) I did not address in the physical,  are still existent, alive and well, and  stored/layered within the muscle tissue of the physical body.   As my body is ‘full up’/ there is no more room in the physical body, it requires releasing these energies as sweat/heat, to re-charge/make room for more mind participation in my futures days (god forbid lol).  Thereby the mind systems can survive-keep living on.  Within this, I realize I am responsible to the process of releasing  these energies and then to not build them back up again, which means to the process of  becoming wholly physical, so not again participating within the mind consciousness systems of thoughts/feelings/emotions/memories/etc!

I will deconstruct my reactions to sweating, especially at night, within the thought, ‘I can’t take it anymore, is this ever going to end?! I could take the estrogen again and be perfectly fine, it is just a precaution for god sake!’

to continue
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