Day 259: Re-Defining: ‘Night Sweats’ 4

brain-fogstressed-mature-woman-menopause-28070714From the previous post:   “If my current definition of  menopause/night sweat/hot flash contains all sorts of negative “baggage”, then the experience of the ‘hot flash’ will be worse than what it “really is” because  letting go of those negative attachments allows the person to breathe in the moment of the sweat   without all of the “self pity”, “misery”, “terror”, “fear of death” – or whatever one may have experienced before.  You may be surprised how much this simple thing can change your experience.   Very often our thoughts aggravate our experiences allowing yourself the simple act of breathing through this physical “transition” will be of great support to your body – essentially giving yourself the “space” to move through it with the least resistance.”  Cerise Poolman


Dictionary Definition:   from Everyday Health:  In addition to hot flashes, many menopausal women experience the symptom’s nocturnal accomplice known as night sweats. You wake up in the middle of the night cold and clammy, your heart pounding, and the sheets drenched in sweat. It’s hard to calm down and get comfortable again, and it’s impossible not to be irritated by the interruption to a good night’s sleep.

My Definition:  Something I have to endure/suffer through, an experience I have no choice in, in which I feel helpless and hopeless.  An intolerable  cycle of waking up sweating, throwing off the covers and then getting chilled, so hot then cold, then trying to go back to sleep for a few minutes.  This occurs about every 30 minutes, every night, my fate in which there is no escape except over time (average is 4 years, I have gone through about 2). Waking up tired or getting up in middle of night, frustrated, defeated and bewildered.  Feeling drained, not being able to be as productive, determined, creative, physically active, getting as many tasks done in a day.

Sounding:    nights wet

Explore in Writing:  The medical industry does not fully understand why the sweating occurs.  However, from what I understand through my participation with Desteni (taking the DIP Pro online course),  the sweating is the body being too full of built up energies. Energies created through my participation within the mind of emotions and feelings which I have suppressed-held within me.  So now the body is releasing all the energies at once to make space for the next cycle of the mind, to continue what the mind has been doing, which is resourcing substance from the physical body to continue it’s (the mind consciousness systems) own existence.

This experience feels like a battleground between me and my body and my mind.  A contest to see who will win, a fight, a dreading, my peace/reprieve from life’s daily struggles lost/stolen from me through my pre-programmed life design and the design of my mind and body.  A a good nights sleep/rejuvenation of the physical body, to face the next day, is gone. A lost battle, the consequence of living as a mind versus a total physical being,  it feels like a giving in/giving up to suffering, no control signifying the aging process and inevitable death, defeat, victimization, self-pity, regret and sadness.  A reminder of time/the clock ticking, like time is almost up here and a reminder of all the moments/days/years I wasted in fear/alcoholism, not in reality but lost in my mind.  It is therefore my responsibility and no one/nothing else to blame.

I don’t like who I am within it, I feel like I am cycling between moaning and complaining  and then re-stating a resolution to not moan and complain so much, lol.

New Definition:  A physical release of stored up energies within the physical body, which occurs in some women during mid-life. There is a decrease in estrogen production in women during this stage of life, this estrogen decrease causes the normal functioning of the hypothalamus (the area of the brain that acts as the body’s thermostat)  to be thrown off-course and it thinks that the body is overheating. This overheating results in the release of the energies through sweating.

“The drop in estrogen that comes with menopause (as it is no longer required to produce an egg when one is past the child bearing years) affects the part of the brain called the hypothalamus. This region is responsible for regulating body temperature.  During menopause, the hypothalamus gets “fooled” into sensing that the body is overheating. It then sends out signals to the body to dispel this perceived heat, increasing blood pressure, heart rate, sweat production, and temperature.”

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