Day 264: Storm of Reactions 2: How to Stop Reacting in Spite

coming together 2coming-togetherFor proper perspective to this post, please read Day 263:  A Storm of Reactions: Acting in Spite   Excerpt:   I was at an AA (alcoholics anonymous) meeting last night, which was a 20 year medallion for a friendmeaning 20 years of sobriety… I was aware of several emotional reactions/backchat/thoughts/memories coming up into my mind, slow at first and then like a storm, throughout the hour and a half gathering.  So I will face them here within self-forgiveness and commitment statements and walk a self-correction process (living the commitment statement I write here) as I go about my day to day living and attend meetings in the future.

When and as I see myself going into judgement of another, in this case a speaker at a AA meeting, I stop and breathe. I bring myself/awareness back to physical reality out of my mind of thoughtsmemories, opinions, blame, projections. I make sure/remind myself that each person here is in their own process and I have no right to judge another but that I should look within and understand what is going on within myself, as to why such energies are coming up-what do I hear that is existent in me? Thus, I commit myself to take self-responsibility to ensure I am stable and so do not react/project outward onto another in spite.

When and as I see myself becoming the ‘needing to be liked’ character by thinking I ‘need’ to talk to someone , I stop and breathe. I feel my feet on the ground and remind myself I am a physical being here on earth and stay out of my mind. I realize I am not really concerned with them , as in the need to take care of them, but I am participating within self-interest, in disguise, because it fulfills a desire in me, as how I have defined myself in my mind throughout my life, as someone who ‘helps’ and ‘cares’. Thus, I commitmyself to speak with people without an energy ‘fix’ attached but express myself to others in self-honesty in the moment, not planned out in my head as ‘oh, I should talk to them because they need me’, thereby eliminating further mind bs of guilt if I don’t speak with them, annoyance/anger of an obligation, positive energy experience if I do speak with them like ‘I’m such a good person’.

When and as I see myself looking at men as sexual objects, I stop and breathe. I make sure I am here/present when at a meeting/speaking to men and not in my mind of opinions/judgements/desires/self-interest. I realize  if I am objectifying the man I am speaking to /listening to I am not fully present and thus cannot fully hear what they are communicating to me, therefore I cannot enjoy the interaction/learn from the conversation/assist and support the other person. I also realize I do not like it (overall) when men objectify me/ women in general so why would I want to do this to another?  I commit myself to the process of being fully here in awareness when listening/speaking to men and not seeing them as sexual objects but as beings, one and equal to myself.


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