Day 266: Overcoming Fear of Illness and Disease 4

FEAR 4fear 5For proper context to this blog please read:  Fear of Disease Part 1 and Part 2  Part 3:   Can we eventually let go of fears completely, through a process of remaining stable in physical reality, moment to moment? …if I am fearing some future suffering/aging/death I am not ‘present’ here in this real moment and not able to enjoy/interact/notice  what is really here, I am missing out on and limiting myself and my experience, to what is all around me…

Healing Self by Re-Writing the Script

Statements of Self-Commitment And Self-Corrective Application

When and as I see myself  participating in my imagination/memories of my parents and grandmother about getting a disease or ‘call back’ about a test result, I stop and breathe.  I bring my awareness back to my physical body and remind myself I have not thus far had any life threatening disease/illness and am quite healthy.  I realize it is self-sabotaging to indulge in these fantasies/imaginings as it separates me from my physical body by bringing up energies, in the form of fear and anxiety, in my mind which can contribute to the very thing I am trying to avoid-illness and disease!   Thus, I commit myself to  respect my physical body through the process of  being one with it-in absolute stability with breath- as I move about in my day to day living.  Thus, I am acting within self-responsibility by being the directive principal of me and not behave as a slave/robot to my mind.

When and as I see myself engaging in backchat/internal conversations about disease, illness, suffering, fearing death and relating it to my parents and grandmother, I stop and breathe.  I get my head out of the clouds and feel my firmly feet on the ground to stabilize myself and state, ‘I am here’.  I  remind myself I cannot change what my parents and grandparents experienced on this earth and they were in their own processes of self-responsibility and self-realization/awareness (and still are in the dimensions, in the principal of ‘as above, so below’).  I understand I do not control others and blaming the creators for the design of the human body and/or fearing the ‘inevitable’ does not change the fact, at this point in time the body ages and depletes and dies.  I realize what I can control is  me here, becoming the director in awareness of my own mind, thus, I commit myself to the process of freeing myself from the fear in and around this issue.

When and as I see myself  going into the emotions of fear, pity, self-pity, blame, guilt, sadness, anger, dread,  anxietyself-punishmentdepressionpowerlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, self-blame and worry, I stop and breathe.  I make sure I assess the point as a physical reference, as what is a practically going on/what I am facing in the moment, and  not an energy  reaction based on the past or belief about myself or a judgement/opinion based on a memory of another.  I simply allow myself to continue with my own self-responsibility and delete reactions as I realize that building up of emotional energies in the face of repeated patterns only frustrates me/is useless as it does not change reality.  I no longer allow energies to control my ‘who I am’/within and my day/movement without and commit to the process of changing me.

When and as I see myself going into behavioral changes within my physical body of stress/anxiety/trouble sleeping in and around this issue, I stop and breathe.  I see/realize/understand it is my responsibility to direct/control my own mind, to stay with body and breath awareness in respect of my body, thus being with this process I am one with my body/substance, which is a constant, stable physical force and is where true power lies.  I realize the physical/substance can be trusted to perform in consistency, as in the beating of ones heart.  Thus I commit to stay with the physical and not the fleeting and inconsistency of energy in the mind.


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