Day 271: I Have Been Avoiding This…

avoid 3avoid

Avoid =  A  Void

Dictionary Definition:  Void:  without contents; empty useless; ineffectual; vain.devoid; destitute, a gap or opening, as in a wall. a vacancy; vacuum.

So if I am allowing a void to exist in my mind, by avoiding/not facing certain issues, I am essentially saying to my mind, ‘oh, hey, here ya go, I’m not doing anything with this thought so you can take it and run with it’ and so abdicating any responsibility to what comes up in my own mind!

After listening to the Eqafe interview  Great Expectations: Reptilians Part 286   I can see I have been postponing/avoiding facing certain points, that I have defined within me,  as ‘too big/difficult’ to even begin to look at.  Thus, I continue to  suppress them/put them off into some future imaged time where I say to myself ‘I will look at this later, it’s too involved/complicated, I really don’t have the time today’.  So I walk through my day with all sorts of resonant mind thoughts/energies buzzing around inside of me.  These energies actually have dimensional lines extending out from our bodies into our world and our lives and can influence/effect events and play outs in physical reality!  Therefore, it is imperative that they  be resolved/diffused within us.  So I will look at these issues here and begin the process of clearing them so I may stabilize my mind, my body and so my life, as well as stabilizing how I effect others and the environment I am in contact with.

Most of the issues have the starting point of fear, looking at myself/my life from the outside -in separation-like ‘it’s me against the world’.  Instead of looking first within, asking myself  questions like ‘what is going on inside of myself?  How can I address this  issue most effectively to bring about a solution that works for all involved?’   There is a very cool Eqafe interview that talks about his very issue: Guns and Fear:  Death Research:  Part 6   I highly recommend listening to it.

I will continue to open up these points in more detail in posts to come, but for this moment, it is a start so- when these issues arise in my mind- I am not leaving these thought/fears/imaginings in a VOID running around wild in my mind/controlling how I behave /who I am throughout my day but instead I am creating a plan-a corrective action/application statement- ready to be lived/applied on a daily basis.  This corrective statement will eventually replace the fear with stability as it becomes my new ‘who I am’ within each of these issues.  Thus, I am directing myself/my mind/my life in awareness here,  no longer allowing myself to simply react to life, things happen to me-and I then react but becoming the directive principal of life, as in the process of directing /moving /acting in self-responsibility in each moment throughout my day.

Fear of Car Accidents

Fear of Family Alcoholism

Inferiority/Insecurity  with Authority Figures 

Inferiority/Insecurity Relatives/Peers

Fear of  Cancer

Fear of Being a Leader

Shopping: Guilt and Excitement

Finances:  Fear of Money

to continue in the next post


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