Day 274: Re-Defining the Word ‘Leader’

Dictionary Definition:

Lead: to go before or with to show the way; conduct or escort: to conduct by holding and guiding: to influence or induce; cause: to guide in direction, course, action, opinion, etc.

Leader:  a person or thing that leads.  a guiding or directing head, as of an army, movementor political group.

words 2My Definition:   Anyone who isn’t me, lol.  Usually, a tall, fit, middle aged man, with a commanding voice and presence.  This person does not simply walk and neither does he run but takes great strides, filled with confidence and a serious look on his face.  Someone who is supposedly trustworthy, intelligent, knowledgeable about how the world ‘works’ in ways I do not/cannot comprehend, nor do I want to, nor should I have to because he/she is doing it for me.

Sounding:   Lead- Her,  Lead-Her-Ship   

Explore in Writing:  A leader is someone whom I am glad is there to do all the serious work/be my savior but I secretly hate/resent/fear  the leader in my mind, regarding him/her as the enemy because I am uncomfortable with authority figures, I assume they will not like me /see me as a small, stupid woman who has nothing of value to add/contribute so I choose to stay away/stay silent to avoid the pain/humiliation of rejection.

A leader knows what to do/how to make the best decisions whereas I do not know this, thus I am dependent upon the leader.  I have allowed this feeling/definition of dependency to create emotions of resentment and mistrust, like I need this person but I do not trust him to be benevolent/have my best interest in mind.  This goes back to my childhood with my dad, as a male authority figure who was at times kind/interactive and other times emotionally/verbally abusive, it was unpredictable, I never knew who I would be facing one day to the next.

Re-defining the word LEADER: 

An opportunity to remind myself I am safe, I am learning to lead myself.  I am no longer a child who is helpless within another’s authority that I cannot trust.  I realize there are, for now, those who are leaders (stand in a position of authority but not SUPERiority) and those who are followers until we can all stand one and equal.  An opportunity for me to stand and say ‘I am responsible’ within this process to BECOME THE WORD Leader AS A LIVING EXPRESSION

Living the word Leader:  To act in awareness in each thought/word and deed in and as the directive principal of my own personal mind and life-to lead me- and eventually to lead others, standing as an example for those I am in contact with to assist and support them within their own minds/processes.  To accept this point of responsibility means I accept whatever it takes and not give-up but to put in the consistent effort, creating more patience and perseverance within me so I am able to support/assist another as myself.
words 3

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