Day 281: Re-Defining the Word ‘Songwriter’

songwriter 2 songwriterRE-DEFINING ‘SONGWRITER’       

Dictionary Definition:   a person who writes the words or music, or both, for popular songs.

My Definition:   Someone who sits alone and struggles with inner demons within an act of creation.

Sounding:    song, writer

Explore in Writing:    

 I been participating in the craft of songwriting for about 20 years now, so I started when I was in my early 30’s.  I have enjoyed it but struggled within it far too much, often making it a chore/burden instead of a joy.  I have written too many songs instead of focusing on perfecting one at a time, I have not perfected the skill of being a musician/singer/or lyricists.   I have participated within harsh self-judgements,  blame, comparisons, inferiority/superiority and competition.   I have always brought the past with me within memories of the past,  judged myself as ‘not good enough’/a failure, especially self-doubt with regard to my ability/competency.  I  often have inner dialogue/backchat going on in my mind when I am composing, pictures popping up, imaginations.  I realize I have defined myself as a failure, thus I am coming from the starting point of failure every time I sit down to compose, when I am simply in the act of creation, creating a piece of art for self-enjoyment and to share with others.

Re-defining the word  Songwriter        

A person who writes music/melodies and lyrics to create songs to share with others for enjoyment and/or to spread awareness of a certain point.  This is done from the starting point of the physical, meaning using the human physical body to openly/freely express, through a musical instrument and voice.  This act/movement is done within timelessness, so not accessing the past/present/future but here in physical space time, creating art in the moment, without judgement/thought but free to alter/expand/allow the piece to grow,  as one goes along.  I understand that I am responsible, within this process, to BECOME THE WORD Songwriter AS A LIVING EXPRESSION. Therefore, to be ever aware of the words that are used to express/communicate within the song, as they are living words and must be presented in a way that is best for all.

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