Day 287: Re-Defining the Word ‘Exposed’

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Dictionary Definition: Left or being without shelter or protection. laid open to view; unconcealed. susceptible to attack; vulnerable.

My Definition: My safe little island of one = ‘me’ is now open to attack, thus I need to protect and defend myself.

Ex – Posed

ex: “out of,” “from,” and hence “utterly,” sometimes meaning “not” or“without” or indicating a former title, status

Pose: to assume a particular attitude or stance, especially with the hope of impressing others to present oneself insincerely

expo: a world’s fair or international exposition/show

Explore in Writing: My ‘face/pose’ I present to the world that: I am ok/don’t need anyone else = don’t feel safe being vulnerable to others/don’t trust others (note: sometimes this is appropriate of course , one must use common sense and discretion) this safe haven is gone? I cannot hide/isolate anymore? I just want my privacy, leave me alone, the world and most of the people in it are nuts/not to be trusted therefore I will hide away safely and quietly ‘just leave me alone, don’t tell me what to do, you have no rightsover me’. I see myself as a young child hiding away from my father, I was the youngest of 4, and I would often witness while he verbally (sometimes physically) abused my siblings.

Re-defining the word ‘Exposed’

LEAVING THE ISLAND AND JOINING OTHERS WITHIN THE PRINCIPLE OF ONENESS AND EQUALITY: Thus, being exposed is an opportunity for me to reach out to others, as parts of myself, as pieces of the same puzzles so finding themissing pieces of myself to heal/put back together again, to become whole, as one and equal 1 + 1 (the equality equation). Whether they be qualities in another that I chose to adopt/add to my living being or perhaps an opportunity to see how I can learn from this person, as in change myself within and/or without–each is a mirror to see myself, for me to ask myself ‘how can I take what this other person is reflecting to me to grow/expand? what have they exposed within me that I now can see, so I canchange/alter/adopt to what is best for all and not just what is best for me on my private island?’


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