Day 288: Re-Defining the Word ‘Biopsy’




Dictionary Definition: the removal for diagnostic study of a piece of tissue from a living body.

My Definition: A torture I must endure, specifically for the breast biopsy of the kind I am to have, ‘sterotactic core biopsy’, representing a loss of control of my physical body and a personal failure.
Sounding: Bi-Opsy


Explore in Writing: I do not mean to exaggerate and/or get all self-important. My mammogram results appear ‘likely benign/somewhat suspicious’ but they want to be certain, which I agree on and appreciate very much. Still…it is somewhat daunting and frightening, the whole procedure, waiting/learning about. A friend of mine has had this procedure and it proved to be very painful indeed. I googled it (pros and cons to googling anything lol) and found several horror stories and a few that sounded endurable or even ‘fine’. I have experienced extreme pain a few times in my life (natural childbirth and appendicitis), thus I will be asking them for, not just a local but a general anesthetic, OR alternatively, for an option of having a surgical biopsy. If this causes me to be viewed as ‘weak’, I am ok with that, as I realize it is not about being ‘weak’ or ‘strong’ that is important here, I simply have made a decision to respect my body in this way. If I had the money, I would even take it to court, as it sounds like many women suffer greatly when it is unnecessary .

Re-defining the word Biopsy: A medical procedure that I am grateful for, for myself and all other women, to examine breast samples/tissue to determine whether further treatment is required, thus bring the body back to a physical stability, a healthy functioning unit. A calm and gentle procedure, in which I will receive a general anesthetic so be put to sleep or receive conscious sedation thus be awake but in no pain OR a calm and gentle procedure in which I remain with breath, while I receive only a local (freezing) anesthetic and ask to be heard and respected should it be too painful and for them, at that time, to stop the procedure and re-schedule or continue only after I have received the medication my body needs to continue in a comfortable way.


Drop The Chains Of The Past
Drop The Chains Of The Past

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