Day 292: Re-Defining Breast Micro-Calcifications

living wordsliving words 4Please read the previous 3 posts : Overwhelmed with Information: ‘It’s too much for me to handle’ for proper context to this blog.

Dictionary Definition: Breast calcifications are calcium deposits within breast tissue. They appear as white spots or flecks on a mammogram and are usually so small that you can’t feel them. Although breast calcifications are usually noncancerous (benign), certain patterns of calcifications — such as tight clusters with irregular shapes — may indicate breast cancer. Micro-calcifications. These show up as fine, white specks, similar to grains of salt. They’re usually noncancerous, but certain patterns can be a sign of cancer.

My Definition: A thorn in my side, a mystery which is controlling me, taking me to places within and without, where I do not want to go/I am afraid of going.


breast: B-rest = slow down and also give the body rest/healing time

micro: extremely small/minute

microscope = look closer at the fine details of your body and your life, as they make up the totality of you within and without

calcify: to become ridged or hardened = moving too fast within my mind and within the physical world (thus moving within energy and not a stability), without considering my body and being, has resulted in the breast tissue hardening/calcifying.

Explore in Writing:

I went for my biopsy yesterday and it was fine. I was concerned because many women reported (online) of it being extremely painful. But this was not my experience. The nurses/doctor/technicians gave me all the time I needed to ask questions and answered everything thoroughly. They were clear and honest about the procedure and it was NOT painful. I stayed with breath awareness (aware/focused on reality before me in each moment-meaning I was not in my mind of thoughts/emotions/imaginings-breathing slowly in and out) and sometimes I counted inside my head using 4 count breath (4 in, 4 hold, 4 out, 4 hold etc.).

So now I am waiting for the results and will go from there. However, I have been doing research and it seems no matter what the biopsy outcome is, I still have a large amount of micro-calcifications in my left breast and some in my right breast (they are not concerned with how they appear in my right breast at this time). It seems-no matter the outcome-sometimes there are false negatives and false positives of any test and things/breast tissue can change over time so there is still concern. Part of me thinks just remove the area of calcification regardless (lumpectomy) and part of me thinks just leave them and do /follow an alternative treatment program and part of me thinks do a combination of both! Obviously, I have to wait for the results to decide the best method of treatment for my body and being.

Re-defining the words/term Breast Micro-calcifications:

A condition in my breasts that is present at the current time and has been for a least 4 years. This condition may have changed from 2012 to now (July 2014), in that there may be more/increased micro-calcification in my left breast, the doctors are unsure because of mammograms now being digital versus film so more detail of the breast tissue is seen AND my breasts are now less dense, having gone through/going through menopause, so again more detail/calcification is able to be seen.

Thus, I am redefining this term as: an existent condition within my breast tissue, which I am in the process of healing/stabilizing by walking a treatment plan of: possibly surgery (to be determined) and an alternative treatment plan, which includes Dr. Kelley’s One Answer to Cancer (a radical change of diet, supplements, detoxes for all the major organs among other things). Thus I am addressing my whole self, mind/body/being, taking a holistic approach, which makes sense to me. I realize it took time to create this situation and will take time to heal it, thus I remind myself to be patient yet vigilant in my daily approach

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