Day 295: Previously Unpublished: Facing a Biopsy : Fear and Worry 2


For proper context , please read the last post. From Day 294:  This post was previously unpublished because I had not told my husband I needed a biopsy.  I decided to post it because, having read it again recently, I thought it may support and assist another who is facing a biopsy, as it helped me tremendously.  I have since then been informed my biopsy results were ‘normal’.

I have been told I need to have a breast biopsy because they think there may be increased CALCIFICATION in my left breast. They are concerned because this could be a sign of there being cancerous cells but more so a condition of pre-cancerous cells/stage zero cancer.

Commitment Statements : trying to stay out of fear/worry/anxiety

When and as I see myself forgetting my very origin of me/myself, my being and my body and my alignment to the physical and so this physical existence I stop, I breathe. I remind myself to access what is here in reality before me, the physical. I realize it is in this very forgetting that has caused (or partly caused) the calcification of the breasts in the first place. I realize it is my responsibility as life to remain aware/here, in order to birth myself as life in the physical and to thus stand as an example to others. I commit myself to the process of breath awareness in each moment and to bring myself back to reality each time I find I am lost in my mind.

When and as I see myself neglecting me, my body and this very existence that I exist within & thus not living the life that had been given to me in every single breath that I breathe and within every thought, word and deed I stop, I breathe. I remind myself/make sure I am accessing what is real, as in what is here in the physical. I realize when I am not present/aware I can very quickly go into characters in my mind, based on the past and my pre-programming, which means I am then merely existing as/from the starting point of the past, not here as life. Thus, I commit myself to the process of being ever aware of the life that has been given me, within each thought/word/deed.

When and as I see myself going into fear, within thoughts/thought patterns of having breast cancer and could die I stop, I breathe. I remind myself it is not supportive but leads to further reactions which can be harmful to the physical body. I realize I have notrespected my body/my being/myself through improper use of my mind throughout my life but I can now, as what is best for all and thus best for me. I realize only in this way will I be of assistance and support to myself and others. I understand it does not changereality to participate in my mind, whatever the outcome of the biopsy is, I will take treatment as /if required and/or make changes to my diet/lifestyle as required and J and H will do the same. I will share with J and H what I have learned from Desteni/Eqafe so that we all have the tools necessary to not re-create the conditions currently present in our physical bodies-tissues/cells/blood/etc. Thus, I commit myself to the process of staying out of my mind of fear/imaginings and becoming a physical being and not a mind programmed being.

When and as I see myself going into imaginations and backchat, in and around this issue with myself/H/J I stop, I breathe. I remind myself to check where I am and what I am doing in physical reality and to carry on with the task at hand/my daily responsibilities. I realize this does not mean I am not caring for/loving myself/J/H but that I am stopping the mind patterns in which I come from the starting point of the past. I realize that living in the past/memories can be harmful, as they inevitably lead to energetic reactions and I refuse to participate any further. I am now standing up from this and stating ‘Till here no further!’ I now understand the body has the power to heal itself, although treatment may be necessary for any one of us because of manifested consequence. I realize further mind participation will just re-create the same environment which damaged/changed/altered the cells/tissue in the first place. I will share with J and H what I know. Thus, I commit myself to putting my time to practical use-in the physical- by preparinginformation/links to send to J/H and possibly publish as a blog to share with others. I commit to stay with the physical-doing/acting/creating- instead of allowing mind possessions within imaginations and backchat/internal conversation and the emotional reactionsof worry/fear/anxiety/stress that follow.

When and as I see myself participating in emotional reactions, which create harmful energies in the physical body, and then the behavioral changes and consequences that follow, in and around this issue of waiting for biopsy results for myself/J/H I stop, I breathe. I remind myself to pull my awareness out of the mind and back to the physical. I realize this pattern is useless, as it does nothing to support myself or J/H but staying with breath/here is stabilizing and calming so I can deal with whatever comes with all 3 of us. Thus, I commit myself to stabilizing myself and remaining calm through breath awareness in each moment here.


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From Eqafe :   My Life With Cancer
aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRjQuYnAuYmxvZ3Nwb3QuY29tJTJGLW5hM3hQUy1zUkdJJTJGVVkzaF94VF9CNkklMkZBQUFBQUFBQUJ2QSUyRnIzcy1YeTJaYnlrJTJGczMyMCUyRmp1c3QlMkJkbyUyQml0LmpwZw==DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with learning the Tools of Self Support

DIP PRO -A Desteni Course for those Ready to Walk the Journey of a Lifetime




2 thoughts on “Day 295: Previously Unpublished: Facing a Biopsy : Fear and Worry 2

  1. Hi, I decided to share some videos about an author that I found interesting and have been investigating. I find that is view on diseases have some similarities with what was shared in past interviews by the portal on similar topics from the perspective of accumulation of thoughts feelings and emotions generating the initial stress from illness to occur, besides this point there is very information on what one can do to start to detoxify oneself from all the toxins in the body.., I have been reading one of his books called “Timeless_Secrets_of_Health_and_Rejuvenation”, though there is also a book on cancer with an interesting title: “Cancer Is Not A Disease – It´s A Survival Mechanism”. Some of his videos:

    Have a cool time.

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