Day 297: Lethargy: How Can You Change Lethargy into Active Living

lethargic 3lethargicI have been listening to the Eqafe  Series on Lethary.   I highly recommend this audio series.

Lethargy Dictionary Definition:

The  quality or state of being drowsy and dull, listless and unenergetic, or indifferent and lazy; apathetic or sluggish inactivity.
An abnormal state or disorder characterized by overpowering drowsiness or sleep.

Oh boy, that`s been me for years. I have used lethargy as a justification-excuse to bow-out, hide, escape my life, well… always.
I remember as a girl, during high school years, when the alarm would go off, I did not want to get out of bed. I always felt tired in the morning and I did not
want to face the day.
That continued into university days and then when I was working in sales in my twenties. There was rarely a time when I would just get up without thought or a `looking forward`to what the day would bring.

Then came my children and getting up during the nights for feeding or taking care of a young child who had woken for whatever reason. So a number of years of interrupted sleep. By the time it was morning I never really felt fully rested. I got in the habit of having a nap in the afternoons, which did support my body.

This is something that is healthy, to rest half way through the day (not necessarily sleep) and something I now incorporate into my day and am fine with.
However, I have abused this resting-napping mid day to avoid-postpone responsibilities and that is no longer acceptable to me.

There was also a number of years, when my children were growing up-5 to 15 yrs old, when I found myself as a single parent unable to cope with life on an emotional, physical and financial level and I used alcohol. Of course, when one is hung over, the body is depleted and I would sleep alot during the day -during the weeks my kids were with their dad, which was every other week for some years. I was in a terrible, hopeless cycle of lethargy-depression in which I would use alcohol to `pick me up-get moving`and then having to `recover`by sleeping alot the following day and then purchasing another bottle-at least- to stop all the frightening thoughts coming up in my mind bombarding my being ad nauseum for 10 years.

What a bloody waste of time! After I was able to `put the plug in the jug`for good (sober 10 years now) I had to face my life for real and it was not pretty.
I stayed sober by buying into the idea of a `higher power-god`who loved me and beLIEving there was a reason why I had fallen into this mess, a higher purpose, if you will.

The idea of god just was not doing it for me overall and I still felt this heaviness-even a few hours after getting out of bed- so I would succumb to the temptation of falling into bed day after day, a coma-like state -like a death really, not moving, not growing or expanding myself as a human being, not giving to my world, just getting by, `at least I`m sober`I would tell myself.

After gaining some stability financially, emotionally and physically I began searching the internet for answers to the meaning of: my life, all of humanity and indeed all of existence.
I had always been a `seeker`buying this spiritual book or that health book, quantum physics, meta physics, whoever was the guru or scientist of the month I would buy his-her book. I would gobble up ideas like `the power of now`and `the law of attraction `and videos like `what the bleep do we know`. Some of this information is very cool and has validity but again I was left without substantial answers. It all seemed wishy washy to me, full of hope and supposed love and light. Where was this love and light on earth, if it was so powerful and real why can`t humanity GET IT! It was elusive and cloudlike with a sprinkle of magic.

Then I came upon Desteni!! Finally, support that made sense to me. Only problem was-is I am fully programmed into my cop-out approach to life and have faced massive postponement & resistance to the Desteni I Process and blogging. Although I have made much improvement, the lethargy program still exists in and as me. So this is cool to face, using the Desteni tools of writing, self-forgiveness and walking a corrective application to rid myself of this apathy, which is really a FEAR OF LIFE , so I can truly reach and live my utmost potential as a human being with the breaths I have left!


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