Day 299: Releasing Lethargy From Within You: 3

lazy 2lazy 3Please read the previous 2 posts, starting with an introduction to this blog series on Overcoming Lethargy .

From the intro:  I have been listening to the Eqafe  Series on Lethary.   I highly recommend this audio series.  Lethargy Dictionary Definition:  The  quality or state of being drowsy and dull, listless and unenergetic, or indifferent and lazy; apathetic or sluggish inactivity.  An abnormal state or disorder characterized by overpowering drowsiness or sleep.  Oh boy, that`s been me for years. I have used lethargy as a justification-excuse to bow-out, hide, escape my life, well… always.

When and as I see myself thinking, ‘Oh I’m so tired, I just want to lie on my bed and sleep for awhile. I’ll do this later’  I stop, I breathe.  I realize that  it is just a thought and I do not need to ‘stay’ with it/follow it, by doing so I am stopping the continuous participation of going into the lethargy experience.  Thus, I commit myself to bring my awareness back to what is before me in physical reality and continue with the task at hand and simply move to get things done.

When and as I see myself accessing the lethargy experience, daily/mid-day when I have to face tasks that I define as ‘alot of effort/difficult’  I stop, I breathe.  I  remind myself the effects of this experience on me and my physical body is creating a heaviness, that burdens my being and body, and that accumulates over time,  making it more difficult for me to ‘snap out of it’.  Thus I commit myself to stop and bring my awareness back to earth/ground myself-my being and continue with my daily responsibilities.

When and as I see myself falling into such a burdening experience within myself I stop, I breathe.  I  remind my self to step back, step out of it and for a moment understand it rather than completely falling into it and becoming it .  Thus I commit myself to get immediately back to breath awareness/focus on the physical I see before me out of my mind of energy.

When and as I see myself falling into and becoming this lethargy experience I stop, I breathe.  I realize that  every single time -over time-I allow the lethargy experience to possess me it starts building up inside of me and my body and accumulates into this heaviness and I allow myself to become sleepy and tired and just want to escape with lying down, then I do not have the determination/self-will to accomplish tasks and daily responsibilities and I am not living as the directive force/principle of me/life and certainly not to my utmost potential.   

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