Day 300: Fear of Conflict: Detox Gone Wrong


Yesterday I started a juice detox with a local guy who owns an organic juicing/supplements store. It was an aggressive 3 day detox-the only kind he offers, juice with detox supplements added in-but for me he made it half the strength/potency of the regular mixture. I thought that sounded reasonable and I understood there would be some discomfort, depending on how toxic my body was.

Obviously, it was waaaaay to potent for me and/or I am very toxic. Midway through the first day I had a headache and felt tired, which I figured was normal and ok. But then at about 4pm, after I had had the 4th detox drink/concoction I got what I guess is a migraine headache -nausea; hemicrania- it was severe/intense. I could not move-for hours!! I kept thinking I am doing something good for myself and should not give up. I was judging myself as weak and a ‘wimp’ and hour after hour, as I got more weak and nauseous and exhausted, I had to focus/breathe moment to moment to cope with the severe pain in my head.

By 9:30 pm, when my husband had just got home from work, we thought I should go to the hospital and then I began to vomit. I threw up alot, much of the mixture/medicinal drinks came up. The headache subsided, although I was still very ill. This morning I can see I am still very very weak, nauseous and generally ill. I have stopped the detox.

See explanation below, I was eating some fibre-salad at lunch and the program called for veggies at dinner, problem was I was so ill with the migraine and nausea by dinner, I could only manage a few bites.

Sometimes feeling like you’re poisoned means you are actually being poisoned:   why-your-detox-is-making-you-sick-the-dangers-of-aggressive-detoxing

All this helps explain why drinking nothing but fiber-less juice {i.e. “juicing detox”} during an aggressive supplement detox can be disastrous. If you aren’t eating fiber during your detox, what you are really doing is:
1.  Collecting all the heavy metals, toxins and poisons from your body’s cells, tissues and organs.
2.  Concentrating them in your liver {and bile}.
3.  Dumping them back into your small intestine all at once where they can now cause acute toxicity and poisoning.

This is all made even worse when the detox supplements you’re taking are more effective at pulling toxins out of your body’s tissues because then your liver is concentrating more heavy metals into bile and dumping them into your intestines. In effect, your body is concentrating the toxins, making them even more dangerous than they were before.

Obviously, it was poisoning me and my body wanted this substance OUT of me. Although, I still want to detox my body, I will take a MUCH slower and gentler approach. The thing is, I paid over $200 Canadian dollars for this detox and I would like a refund and/or credit.

Although, I have worked through some of my fear of confrontation, I still have fear coming up as I imagine going in and speaking with the man who sold me this detox package. I can see he is knowledgeable and sincere in his wanting to assist people back to health, however this program he put together for me was dangerous for me and in fact poisoning me for sure.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to assume the worst, within speaking to someone in which a conflict could arise. In that, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to come from the starting point of fear of money, thinking I have wasted 200+ dollars and will not get a refund/credit.

I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself to fall into negative thinking patterns/extreme thinking, leading to reactions of fear/worry/anxiety, that there will be conflict when I speak to the owner of the juice bar. In that, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think, ‘ I am not good in these situations, I am too soft and get taken advantage of or my approach is too hard and an argument ensues. And I always end up feeling full of self-doubt, blaming the other person or going into guilt and self-blame.’

I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself to react in anger and blame toward the store owner in and around this detox situation: anger because I have wasted alot of money on this detox, and blame, that it is his fault that I can’t follow through because he made the drink/mixtures too strong/intense which is causing my body to react with severe illness.

I forgive myself for not realizing that when I react in anger and blame, I am diminishing the store owner-making him inferior- while I making myself superior to him – in my own mind- within total self-interest because it makes me feel better about my decision to do this detox.

In that, I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself to react with inferiority and self-victimization, which came out as fear, anger and blame toward’s the store owner because I think I cannot make a decision well on my own, I believe I get taken advantage of because I am not that smart and I let fear make quick decisions for me (sometimes not always) and thus I may loose all my money one day.

To continue

forgive yourself2

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2 thoughts on “Day 300: Fear of Conflict: Detox Gone Wrong

  1. Hope you are doing better – not cool about the side effects from detox! It does seem like a more gentler approach is needed, but thank you for sharing this so many people can learn through you!!

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