Day 305: Suppression 3: So How Do You Stop Suppressing Harmful Emotions?

superiority 2Please read the previous post for proper context to this blog.

From the previous post:  After listening to the Atlantean Eqafe Interview:  Suppression: Energy Effects I found a memory which contains alot of emotional energy, spite and anger, that I need to face…‘The memory can get fueled and charged so much that it can overwhelm/overtake/possess you.’… looking at the memory today thoughts came up ‘she’s an idiot’ ‘i just want to put her in her place!’ with the emotion of superiority.

When and as I see myself going into reactions of spite and anger, each time I now see my neighbour, based on a memory of when she complained about my dog, I stop and I breathe. I remind myself to focus on what is physical and real before me. I realize that behind this emotional reaction is my beLIEf that I am superior, seeing this woman as less than me, participating in the mind‘s design of grading people/hierarchy.Thus, I commit myself to, when i see her and/or her husband be pleasant, a simple hello and carry on.

When and as I see myself going into and re-playing specific conversations, within this memory, of how I judged and blamed my neighbour that day I stop and I breathe. I realize to engage in re-playing the past in my mind only brings up the emotions again and thus makes any interaction/relationship in the moment or future moments impossible but only serves to further divide us/keep us separate. I also realize I do not know my neighbours or the path they have walked in life, thus I do not know why they react in the way they do/what they lived through to bring about who they are today. I remind myself to stay out of my mind of the past with pictures/conversationsvoice tonalities/imaginations of revenge and use my breath to stay in the physical/in my body/back down to earth where only the solutions can be found. Thus, I commit myself to the process of slowing down in daily interactions with others, then to focus on understanding the other within asking myself ‘how can I assist and support this person/in this situation to bring about a solution that will be best for all?’ , versus judging another.

When and as I see myself participating in nasty backchat about my neighbour I stop and I breathe. I realize these thoughts-as nasty inner conversations within my own mind-come from me and thus exists as me! Thus, I commit myself to face all such backchat as myself.

When and as I see myself participating in spiteful imaginations, re-playing and then changing memories, to a scenario where I ‘win’/come out ahead I stop and breathe. I realize that by engaging in this I am letting the mind completely control and possess me in that moment, as I am acting solely within self-interest so that I ‘feel better’ about myself and I am once again superior to her in my own mind, like I am putting her back in her rightful place, knocking her further down the totem pole/below me. I remind myself that I am a physical being, as is my neighbour and I refuse to hold a grudge/begin a long feud as this is exactly how wars start, by lack of communication/misunderstandings/self-interest and I will not participate in even the smallest of war.  I realize, in truth I am one and equal with my neighbours. I stay with my body and breath and continue with what is before me in my day.

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