Day 306: Suppression 4: Re-Defining the Word ‘Neighbor’

neighborsPlease read the first post of this series on suppression, for proper context to this blog.

From the first post:  After listening to the Atlantean Eqafe Interview:  Suppression: Energy Effects I found a memory which contains alot of emotional energy, as in spite and anger that I need to face…‘The memory can get fueled and charged so much that it can overwhelm/overtake/possess you.’… looking at the memory today thoughts came up ‘she’s an idiot’ ‘i just want to put her in her place!’ with the emotion of superiority.

Dictionary Definition:  Neighbor

a person who lives near another. a person or thing that is near another. one’s fellow human being: to be generous toward one’s less fortunate neighbors. a person who shows kindliness or helpfulness toward his or her fellow humans: to be a neighbor to someone in distress.My Definition: A person who is like an obligation, bit of a pain because I am forced-I did not choose-to be friendly with them, make small talk when I see them. Often I am busy and some people like to chat alot/on and on and I walk by with my head down or a quick hello and then feel guilty if I did not stop and talk, especially if it is a new neighbor/they have recently moved into the home/street/neighborhood and I have not taken the time to welcome them or get to know them. Most neighbors are cool but some are difficult then ‘neighbor” is defined as someone to avoid/look out for and walk the other way!

Sounding: Neigh–Bor Nay–Boor: NO bullying, NO being rude

Explore in Writing: I live in the city and my street has well over 200 hundred houses on it, if not 300+! People are constantly moving in and out of homes on my street. I cannot keep up. The next door neighbor is practically ‘on top of you’ so I find that we all try to be respectful and give each other space, which is cool. I have lived here for almost 11 years now so I find, although I get along with most of my neighbors there are a few I tend to avoid, as I am holding onto a memory/the past/some event that occurred and judging them by it. I have placed them in a box labelled ‘difficult-do not open’. I realize that people can change, I have changed! I also realize that I had no right to judge another-based on all sorts of assumptions/projections/emotions on my part.  I commit myself to focus on understanding rather than judging another in relation to my neighbors.

Re-Definition: Neighbor

A person who lives next door or close by , on my street. Someone I can greet upon seeing/passing and at times, when it is practical within my day and their day, stop and chat with, share, offer assistance and support and enjoy sharing each others company even just for a few minutes.

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