Day 311: Re-Defining ‘Power’ From Suppression to Self Expression 5

powerpower 2Please read From Suppression to Self-Expression Part 1 – Part 4  for context to this blog:    You Can Re-Create Yourself:  From Suppression to Self-Expression Part 1

 From Part 1:  Here I begin to examine my  feelings of inferiority towards M, a point which has been suppressed within me my entire life. This is a new point that emerged when speaking with my DIP Buddy, as she assisted me to see how my reaction of fear was actually one of feeling inferior. I did not know that!



ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.  great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; force.  the possession of control or command over others; authority; ascendancy:  power over men’s minds.
MY DEFINITION:    something that someone has over me, something I fear because I do not have it. the ability of someone/thing to harm me and I am vulnerable against it, like a virus or a person who can humiliate me, control me usually through fear of survival so through money or physical size/strength or intellect or position.

SOUNDING:   ‘ Pow’-Her     pow, as in kaboom, a big explosion, like EMpower her =   EMPOWER ME

EXPLORE IN WRITING:    I actually did misuse power when I used to drink and go to bars to meet men. There you go, I am not so innocent/only playing the victim once again, when I look in self-honestly.  However, throughout my life I have mostly victimized myself, believing myself to be inferior, because of how I have lived in fear of men/authority figures/anyone I see as bigger/stronger/smarter, starting from my childhood as my dad was an intimidating, authoritarian ruler lol of the house.   I felt silenced/unsafe/basically unloved by this male presence, he was unpredictable, he abused alcohol and would verbally/emotionally attack his children (I was the youngest of 4), he made his opinion clear on the hierarchy of life : white men, men, women, children and he used the word inferior often enough.

NEW DEFINITION OF POWER:    The ability I possess in each moment here, to put the time and effort into understanding a situation/person and remain with it -out of my mind of the past and of fear of inferiority- to assess the best way forward in any given situation, within the physical, determining ‘best for all’ solutions,  the goal being to EMpower myself/the other person/or the situation in a way that equally considers all involved. 


prin 2 2

Eqafe:  Series on Suppression  Starts here:     Suppression: Introduction – Atlanteans – Part 218

DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with learning the Tools of Self Support – Participate in Forums or Search the Vast Desteni Material


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