Day 315: Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential: Self-Responsibility

responsibility responsibility 2Here I share my  ‘Desteni of Living’ –  my commitment too apply the following principles and to stand as a living example to others.  In coming blog posts I will be walking each individual Principle and how I am already Living the Example of each Principle and/or How I Walk a Practical Process of Self-Correction and Responsibility to Become the Living Example of each Principle. 

Principle #5:  Living the principle of Self Responsibility – realising only I am responsible for what I accept and allow inside of me, my relationships and my outside world and so with this responsibility: only I have the power and ability to change that which I see is compromising who I am, what I live and how this affects others

How am I living this principle throughout each day?

*  Physical Stability:

I am seeing how, in my process, I am building up emotional and feeling energies and reacting to them on a physical level, much faster! Meaning, I am going into anxiety much faster and so reacting with behavioral/physical changes such as: feeling very nauseous, loosing my appetite, feeling physically very tired, body aches, tightness in my solar plexes and throat, tightening of my jaw and jaw/teeth aching, shortness of breath–overall feeling unwell. Yesterday this happened and the consequence was my husband and I had to cancel going out for the evening. Another consequence is that as this is happening I am able to focus less on what I am doing/facing/who I am with thus I am not really/fully present thus I compromise myself by becoming less effective in supporting myself and/or another. I realize this is happening when/as I participate in thoughts and reactions about time, as in ‘there is not enough time for me to do all the tasks I need to do today, hurry!’ and then I move within energy versus stabilityawareness.  I can see this happens when I sit at my computer,  when I work around the house doing chores and even when I am watching a show/video. Therefore, beginning last night, I made the self-commitment to be acutely more aware of what my body is experiencing, what is moving within me from moment to moment!  Even though I have become  more aware of my mind in the last 3 years, my thoughts/emotions, I require even more diligence so that I am aware of any movement within my body as it occurs (this is a process). When/as I see I am starting to tense up/go into anxiety about my day, I stop and breathe and slow down/calm down/stabilize myself before continuing on with the task at hand.

* Reaction of Anger Toward Another:

I reacted in anger and spite to something someone said and could quickly see I did not approach the issue from the starting point of finding solutions but in self-interest to lash out/get revenge for the emotions /personalities I had allowed to come out in me. I was in blame and spite. Once I saw this, I realized I was not directing myself in a responsible way for all involved-I was letting the mind tell me who I am/how to feel! So I pulled them aside and said I notice how often we miscommunicate/don’t seem to understand one another and said there were some points I needed to clarify. Then I suggested that it would be helpful if they could be specific about what they needed/required from me (and another person involved), what exactly was it we could contribute so all involved would be treated fairly. This person and myself both calmed down and were able to quickly come up with a solution!

* My Body Language:

I was out for dinner with a man (seated beside him), who I have considered to be misogynistic, and after about 45 minutes I woke up, lol, as I was not aware but lost in my mind, of thoughts/memories/judgments from the past! He was speaking alot during the dinner to the other 3 of us present. I also saw how I had moved away from him, turned my Body in the other direction and further back from the table, my arms and legs were crossed at times as well. My face and mouth were tight, frowning. My husband said he noticed I was not enjoying myself and looked pissed off, well he said ‘you didn’t look very happy’. So what I immediately did was apply self-forgiveness and a self-corrective statement inside my head/to myself and I committed to not see him as the past/with no past between us, like it was the first time we were to together (of course I still had context) and refused to allow myself to follow/engage in memories/thoughts/judgments, but to let them gently go as they arose. I asked myself, ‘what is going on now in reality, is he doing anything now that is upsetting/abusive?’ The answer was no, he was just sharing stories of his life and travels. The effect was immediate, my body relaxed, I turned back/joined the table once again, I did not allow myself to have any expectations like all of a sudden he would include me in the conversation because I was being so understanding, lol, no that is what ‘remembrance’/ context is for.  If I am to give myself/my attention unconditionally to another, I cannot have an angenda or any judgement  or expectation of how they will respond to me.  I demand this person to change, each is walking their own path here in this lifetime, I cannot change anyone but only myself and stand as an example.  As I let go, I quickly began to enjoy myself, enjoy the stories of his travels across the world and learn from him!  I engaged another person across the table (who was also not much included in the discussions) and enjoyed that. Then I noticed this man looked at me a few times to include me in the conversation (or his dialogue) and asked me a few brief questions.  I can see that as I stabilized/accepted him and moved toward him, he moved toward me.  Now, when I see this man in some future moment, I will not have built up more emotional energies-another layer to limit our interactions/relationship, I can be more clear and ‘here’ thus allow the relationship to have the opportunity to grow.


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