Day 326: Re-Defining the Word ‘Care’ in Relation to my Children Part 5

out of the box 2For context to this post,  please see ‘Expanding the Relationships with my Children:  Stuck in a Box’   Part 1 – 4
courageThis interview from Eqafe  Denial: Courage & Self-Honestly  Atlanteans – Part 247   is assisting me in understanding that changing my relationship to how I see/perceive my children -which I can see from the blogs is about, one, my own internal emotions of worry/fear around  ‘losing them’ to accidents or illness &  two, where I label and thus limit  them within definitions based on the past as my own memories-  will be a process over time of self-growth, where I change myself from automatic reactions of fear and denial when I think of my children, to responses of courage and self-honesty naturally emerging form within me !



Care:  Noun:  a state of mind in which one is troubled; worry, anxiety, or concern/a cause or object of worry, anxiety, concern

Verb:  to be concerned; have thought or regard, to make provision or look out , to have an inclination, liking, fondness, or affection

MY DEFINITION:   So does care = thinking about = worry?  Are my adult children reduced to nothing more than an experience of worry and anxiety in my mind?
SOUNDING:     care  share
c – are
c = see
are =  I was surprised to find the dictionary   definition  of  ‘are’  is   ‘to be‘   meaning   ‘to exist or live


To care for my son and daughter is to see them live and exist here, to witness their life and celebrate it with them.  To care for them is to share myself with them and really hear them when they share with me.  To care is to respect my children as life, they are in fact not MY children but beings here on earth as adults now, who came through me.  To care is to live as example of someone they can trust, as they see me living in self-awareness and caring not only for family but the entire world as my/our family.

To care is to be there whenever they wish to talk (if at all possible), and to not react to anything they share but to assist and support them to my utmost potential.  To care is to sometimes ask them about their lives, if/when I see a potential problem where I could assist in some way, and if they say they do not want t discuss something, then  I back off without holding any judgement but letting them know I am here if/when they need me in some future moment.

Finally, to care is to let go of any perceived control I hold within me, where I replace life/living as being present with my awareness with emotions/feelings/thinking patterns and imaginations about my children, within a desire to ‘keep them safe’ as it does not keep them safe in reality, they are human and as such, within the cycles of birth and death that we currently exist as, they will leave this earth, as I will, someday.


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