Day 333: Commitment Statements: Envy – Living the Change

envy 4Continuing from Envy Part 1 and Part 2:  Day 331:  Envy 

When and as I see myself looking at something someone else has, where I swing within the polarities of experiencing myself firstly as inferior -because I don’t have this thing- to superior because ‘it’s not fair/I deserve it as much as they do/they are just rich, greedy people whereas I am not rich but humble’, thereby creating envy  I stop, I breathe.  I remind myself to focus on reality and feel my feet on the ground.  I understand I must look at myself/my life within a practicality to assess what I can do to achieve certain material goals. I also realize that it is cool to see what others have achieved and use this as a reference/see what I admire in another and apply it to myself/my potential without emotion.  I realize much of this comes from my own self-definition, where a picture will pop up in my mind of, for example a cottage/summer home, that I give a positive charge to and connect a self-definition, created from childhood, of successful woman/wife/mother as ‘this is who I am/who I want to be’.   Thus, I commit myself to slow down and ask myself questions within common sense, when I see something I initially think I  want/need/desire.

When and as I see myself falling into emotional reactions of, firstly the starting point of fear that I will not be able to possess/achieve what another has, then going into jealousy, anger and hate I stop, I breathe.  I remind myself I am a physical being here and bring my awareness back to what is before me.  I ask myself, ‘Why would I want luxuries when others don’t have the same, possibly causing them to go into envy?’  I see that this is not what I want for another!  I also realize that with envy:  it is not the person I hate/am reacting to but the money system of this world (they may have something because of the way the current money system exists-circumstances such as birth/family/marriage), reactions are quite useless as they only separate me from the person when it may be mutually beneficial to ask them questions, get to know them, share with them, give and receive.   I also understand I am limiting my interaction with another when I go into envy, by looking at them one dimensionally through the mind, instead of seeing/understanding who they are in totality.  I can see, now my financial situation in life has changed to one of stability, that many people own more than one property to invest in something other than the banking system or the stock market, so they choose real estate.  Thus, I commit myself to stay out of my mind of emotional reactions when observing something someone else has/owns,  to look at that person free from my past/memories, get to know people through physical communication instead of perception, interpretation and assumption.  I also commit myself to changing the current money system/government systems in this world so all may enjoy a life of abundance, free from financial struggle, all given freely the necessities of life.

When and as I see myself accessing my backchat/internal conversation and imagination in relation to envy I stop, I breathe.  I remind myself to access what is here in reality, bring myself out of my mind of memories and pictures and focus on what is real in my day.  I realize participating in my mind does not change/improve my life or anyone else’s life.  Thus I commit myself to instead see what I can practically do in the physical, to change things, to bring about an equal world and then DO IT/move/take action.

An absolute definite to listen to –  This is a series, there are 4 audios which focus on ENVY.


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