Day 335: Am I A Burden? Re-Definining Words into a Living Expression Of Self


Here I am sharing 2 more words/phrases I have re-defined for myself, through the Desteni I Process Pro course, realigning them to become a living expression of self, we are ‘the living word’!   This to empower me to live words in each moment, creating  life/reality using a genuine self-expression, no longer dragging around the weight/burden of the past within associations, memories, and emotional connections.

Financial Dependency

Notes: Negative or Positive Charge/assigning limited definition to word/*describe a word as its physical living expression of itself/don’t add personal values.

Dictionary Definition:

Financial: pertaining to monetary receipts and expenditures; pertaining or relating to money matters

Dependency: relying on someone or something else for aid, support

Together: relying on someone else for money to support oneself

My Definition: A point of inferiority/less than where I subject myself/victimize myself to possible emotional abuse if I do not adhere to the other’s standards of acceptability within how I live/act/speak.


Financial-essential: realizing we all need /require money to purchase/pay for shelter, food, clothing; all the basics for survival here in the physical world.

Depend : realizing it is a requirement, as in we depend on money for our physical needs to be met.

I can see I have given a negative charge to this phrase/words and have limited the definition to a negative experience based on the past as memories/experience to my father and first husband. I see myself as in a ‘bad position’/stuck/imprisioned and limited/suppressed within this definition.

I realize all is dependent upon all in this world because all is connected and we are each responsible-individually and collectively- for the health and well being/experience of all beings here in this life on earth.

New Definition: A situation where a person or persons is placed in a role of trust to provide for another with the moneys required for physical living.

good personGood Person

Dictionary Definition:

Good: morally excellent; virtuous,satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree

right; proper; fit,well-behaved

God: all powerful/omnipresent force outside of ones self

Person: Human Being

Son: son of god/subordinate/lesser than

Together: Has a religious connotation to it. You are ‘right by god’ in god’s ‘good books’, you are god’s son if you are a good person.

Doing the right deed/acts/speaking the right words according to god.


god person: a person who is living as what is best, as our highest beingness

god son: someone you see as close to your own value

My Definition: A person who does the ‘right’ things according to some unwritten rules/laws or religious rules/laws, staying within these laws in self-interest so they do not ‘get in trouble’ AND/OR A person who is kind and compassionate, without the motivation of self-interest but to treat another as they would want to be treated.

New Definition: This is a phrase used to describe a person whom I see as having positive values and attributes, that one agrees with.

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