Day 339: Reactions of Superiority 3: Living the Solution

superiority 2For proper context to this post, please read Reactions of Superiority: PART 1

From Part 1:  It is interesting, recently, just as I was reflecting on how the main point/main personality that I have to face and transcend in this lifetime was inferiority, I had 3 incidences in one evening with strong reactions of anger come up, where I experienced myself as SUPERior.   I can see how my mind  jumps, from one polarity to another, within reactions of inferiority to superiority (or visa versa) in a quantum moment, in order to hide my true nature from myself.

Living Commitment Statements:

When and as I see myself participating in judgement while listening to another share their story at an AA meeting, with thoughts as backchat/internal conversations I stop, I breathe. I remind myself to get out of my mind and ground myself in reality here. I realize I cannot trust my reactions, as they are merely energies mostly based on the past as memories. Memories which I have stored/altered/changed the content of over time.  I also realize my inner gossip is based on my own interpretations/perceptions/assumptions, instead of actually getting to know this person in space and time.  I remind myself to slow down, HEAR the words they are sharing to assist and support me/others, and to practice real time patience, understanding, gratitude for the courage they are showing, by speaking in front of a large group of people.

When and as I see myself existing within and participating within an experience of superiority, where I connect the emotional reactions of anger, blame, judgement, spite, and comparison & engage in pictures/imaginations all based on past memories-how I have programmed myself-I stop, I breathe. I remind myself to get my head out of the clouds and back down to earth and focus on the words she is speaking, to- not only listen- but hear her. I understand she is from another part of the city, it was a cold, snowy night and she may have traveled by public transit, yet she came after a week of working, it is difficult/intimidating to speak in front of a group of strangers. I also realize it is to not judge another but to understand another that is important. Thus, when I see my mind start to chatter at a AA meeting, I commit myself to whisper or voice silently in my head ‘slow down’ and/or ‘calm’ and to focus on the speaker and my own breath, using patience, kindness, humility, treating another as I would want to be treated- if it was me up there sharing my story.

superiorityWhen and as I see myself suppress an initial reaction of sadness, coming from the starting point of FEAR, as I experienced myself as inferior to the situation because I am helpless to change it/remove a person’s pain I stop, I breathe. I realize by going into emotions and then suppressing those emotions, it does not change the facts of what this woman had to endure, so it is useless and it is harmful to my physical body.  I also see that  this woman is sober today and she has greatly improved her life, as in her living conditions, physical and emotional state and financial state, she has the support of the group (AA) today and is showing much courage, strength and humility by sharing her story. Thus, I commit myself to stay out of my mind and be aware of myself/body/breath when listening to a speaker at AA meetings.

When and as I see my mind jumping, within the polarities of inferior-as a helplessness/sadness of what another has had to endure in life- to superior-through the illusion of control, manifested as the false positive energetic experience of anger I stop, I breathe. I remind myself to focus on what is real before me/what is going on in the physical. I realize it is not the individual I am angry at but the world systems. Thus, I commit myself to changing this reality/world as how it currently exists within entrapping the disadvantaged, by limiting their opportunities for enhancing/bettering their lives because they do not have money, this I do by promoting a LIG (Living Income Guarantee).


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