Day 344: Connecting with My Body

bodyWhat does it mean to stay with my body and breath? In the last few days I have been practicing breathing, while focusing on my body and the word ‘calm’ and adding the word ‘gentle’. Specifically, I focus on a central point in my body, with the in breath, as the solar plexes area and on the principle of ‘stilling my waters’/calming my waters.

jesus words calmThis audio interview from Eqafe What Lives In Your Words-The Crucifiction of Jesus-Part 64 explains how energy exists within the definitions we have given words and how we need to realign/re-define in awareness the words we use so we may become the living word/the living manifistation of the words we speak and think.

I find the most successful way for me to do this is one breath at a time, so just focusing-reminding myself to take it one breath at a time.

I noticed that, as I stayed with it, I had fewer night sweats (menopausal) and I was able to sleep until 7a.m. This is huge to me because for the last approximately 2.5 years I have suffered with waking up every 30 minutes with severe sweating-experienced like a fever where I am increasingly exhausted -mentally and physically from it. Does not make for a good sleep!  So needless to say, it was a huge relief to me to find an approach that assisted in getting a good night sleep.

The mind is interesting, my mind -after I have found an new approach that seems to work- tends to go into a panic point like something is ‘too good to be true’ and ‘oh no, what if I loose this new thing/person/experince I have found’ instead of just remaining stable , seeing what works and not having more thoughts about it.  Meaning, I can see I go into SELF-SABOTAGE, which is the mind insisting on it’s continued existence within a constant state of conflict so it can resource substance from my physical body versus exist within equality and onesness as/with it.

Why do I do this?  I can only say because it is how I was programmed as my inherited dna, how my parents and their parents experienced themselves as thoughts/emotions/reaction patterns and how I have accepted this as myself and added onto it, layer after layer with each thought/reaction, within my own mind throughout my life.  As well, I can see that I fall back back into consciousness in the small moments, by following self-doubt and self-judgments, where I review something I had just done/said or follow a picture coming up in my mind of a family member or something that is to occur in the future, then I ignore it/tell myself it is insignificant-inconsequential/tell myself ‘I’ll deal with that later’.

I will examine this self-sabotage within the thought, ‘Omg, what if I start thinking when I am focusing on being in my body/stilling my mind, what if it stops working!’

To Continue

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