Day 348: Addicted to Energy 2: Creating Stability with Breath

cats 2From Addicted to Energy 1:  I have been listening to the Cat from the Animal Life Review series at Eqafe: specifically Cats and Self Discovery, and finding them fascinating and also very practical within walking my daily process.  The point here is to stop myself from moving with/existing as energy (my mind of thoughts/feelings/emotions) but instead use my breath – within each moment throughout my day- as a stabilizing force,  here, with and as the physical.  It is suggested with breath not to be aggressive but rather assertive, meaning not to force but to direct ones breathing in a stable, consistent, flowing manner, thus creating physical stability… then practice moving throughout my day in stability and no energy reactions

Why am I reacting automatically?  In moments, when  I am not aware of my body and breath & I allow my mind to wander/drift, I leave myself open/vulnerable to whatever the mind may throw at me, OFTEN imaginations take hold and then I follow them down garden path.

When and as I see myself attaching a negative charge to having summer students-ELS as tennants, where I react in fear, anxiety, worry creating stress/harm to my physical body,  I stop, I breathe.   I remind myself to focus on what is before me in this day, I realize it is necessary to earn income and I do overall enjoy having students stay with us.  Thus, I commit myself to breathe, stabilize, plan, shop ahead, cook/prepare some meals and freeze them, thus I am focusing on/acting on solutions in the physical instead of in my mind, looping with problems.

When and as I see myself going into the personality/character of ‘fear of flying’, where I react with intense fear that myself or someone I am close to will die in a plane crash & where I put tremendous stress on my physical body I stop, I breathe.   I remind myself to get out of my mind and remain with waht is real and stable here-the physical/my body.   I realize, after I had researched it, flying in reality is quite safe, much more safe than driving in a car, a bus, a train.  In fact a plane takes off /or land every second!! It is very rare that someone dies from a plane crash. Thus, I commit myself to look up these statistics/fact when and as I see I need this reminder.

When and as I see myself reacting in anger and frustration toward my husband’s choices in relation to our home/renovation and other ‘small stuff’ I stop, I breathe.   I remind myself to communicate this to him in the physical, in a way that I would want to be spoken to, I see he often has cool ideas that I would not have considered, it is fun to try something new, he is open to/receives verbal communication well, things get resolved/move forward when I speak up!  Thus, I commit myself to stop looping inside my own mind, with complaining, spiteful, nasty inner gossip, where I criticize my husband in my private mind/world.

When and as I see myself react with fear and worry that my son thinks I am annoying when I ask about his day/life I stop, I breathe.   I remind myself to get my head out of the clouds and feel my feet on the ground.  I realize most often he is friendly and almost always (if not in a friendly/social mood) he is respectful, as he has matured alot in the last few years/not a teenager. I understand everyone doesn’t want to talk all the time, people need their space, it has been a transition from boy/teen/adult for me as well, I see it is best not to ask him questions/engage first thing in the morning with my son.  Thus, I commit myself to be considerate when choosing an appropriate time to speak with my son and slowing down-be careful of each word I speak- so I do not regret what I said, thus I do not feel the need/desire to review it in my mind/go into self-doubt and other emotions, after we have spoke.

When and as I see myself reacting with annoyance, frustration, anger when my student/tenant is home alot in a day and is asking me questions/wanting to engage/socialize with me  I stop, I breathe.   I remind myself this is part of my job and important for earning income, I also remind myself to treat another as I would want to be treated. I realize it is not the person I am angry/frustrated with, it is more the situation at times, when I am busy and I can let go and enjoy a conversation or assisting her in some way.  Thus, I commit myself to practice moving throughout my day in stability and no energy reactions.


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