Day 364: PANIC Attacks: part 4

anxietyPlease see:  PANIC Attacks: Part 1

Continuing with Commitment Statements:

I commit myself to assist and support myself to, when and as the nervousness and anxiety come up, remind myself that the emotions were coming from past mistakes that I had made and I can breathe and let the emotions go and then decide to apply and practice the living word trust.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to, when and as the nervousness and anxiety come up remind myself I have redefined the word trust/self-trust –as the living word trust as–I know that I was struggling/having difficulty with anxiety and that I am self-honest in the fact that I know I need to slow down/not rush/breathe/relax my body, I have really looked into /at this point, I CAN GET THINGS DONE ONE BREATH AT A TIME WITHOUT SPEEDING UP–what I do not get to will be there tomorrow– therefore there is no need to go into these thoughts or reactions because I trust this moment within me that I am self-honest in slowing down/moving with and as the physical.

I commit myself to living –becoming the living manifestation of the word calm –comfort, silence resulting in serenity

From A Truth Seekers Journey to Life

When and as I see myself in a calm and comfortable embodiment and something disturbs me or disrupts me I stop and breathe and I do not go into a state of panic or victimization but continue to breathe in and out dispersing and dissipating any energy that was created not behaving and acting from the energy or letting it direct me.

When and as I see myself go into the panic system or any other system where I feel energy and emotions I stop and breathe and I  apply self forgiveness and I do not continue in any behavior of acting it out but continue to breathe until the system releases.

I commit myself to direct life from my being and not energy from past memories stored within my  quantum physical and wait until energy dissipates before speaking or acting.

I commit myself to equalize all memories where I felt disrupted by someone where I would ‘jump out of my skin’ and to not be afraid to be disrupted again where I would act out in fear and terror.

I commit myself to feeling safe and comfortable in my own skin and not waiting for something to disrupt me.

I commit myself to be a whole being and free from the systems of panic and fear where I separate myself from myself into energy and mind projections.

I commit myself to be one and equal with the physical free of fear and being separate from the physical but becoming physical in totality without the energy of consciousness. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection

Self and Living – Practical Living Support To Live to Your Utmost Potential

DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with learning the Tools of Self Support


2 thoughts on “Day 364: PANIC Attacks: part 4

  1. Conozco una nina que es muy feliz con su familia, que lo tiene todo con relacion a lo material y sin embargo presenta ataques de panico, de persecucion y dice que sa a morir . Considero que son recuerdos de vidas pasadas . Le he recomendado buscar en el DIP para que investigue y asi encuentre ayuda . Gracias .

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