Day 206: How To Change Your Living Patterns: Part 3

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From Part 1:   I have been listening to the Quantum Mind Series on Eqafe.  In this particular interview, Quantum Mind Self Awareness – STEP 46, ‘What are Living Patterns and how to De-pattern Mind Presence to Discover your True Beingness within it’ is discussed. As I listened, I could definitely relate to what was unfolding, I experience specific patterns, of thought/feelings/emotions at certain times of the day, in the morning, afternoon and the early evening…In the next few blogs posts I will examine these patterns, through incorporating what I have learned from the Reptilian Series on Impatience  (part 225-228).

Re-Programming Old Living Patterns: Impatience: MORNING PATTERNS


the-spirit-of-breath_91114554_stdI forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see/realize/understand that by participating within these morning thought patterns I then experience, some or all of the following, firstly within the negative: worry, fear, overwhelmingness, dread, anxiety, tiredness and then, to replace the negative energy experience with a positive one which will make me ‘feel better’:  relief, calm, excitement, happiness.

In that, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see/realize/understand that these reaction of engery are in polarity and are in fact a lie, just patterns keeping me locked into a perpetual way of looking at my life and world within personalities-directing me- AND THUS I DO NOT GIVE MYSELF THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE FOR REAL AND/OR ACCOMPLISH CERTAIN GOALS WITHIN MY DAY AND LIFE.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see/realize/understand that I am moving myself within impatience each morning, as either an excitatory impatience-feeling super excited and motivated and going into a ‘high’ energy which inevitably drops me back down to earth (as it is all mind) with a crash OR a irritating impatience where I review several tasks or learn something new and I feel overwhelmed/like it is ‘too much’ and want to give up and going into a depleted/low energy experience, thereby not being aware that I AM EXISTING WITHIN POLARITES OF MIND ENERGY AND NOT REALITY.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see/realize/understand that by engaging my mind in these morning thought patterns-which have become AUTOMATIC living patterns- I then participate in behavioral changes/changes within my body, such as: a tightening/tension within my shoulder, upper back and facial muscles, holding my breath or shallow breathing, anxiety within my solar plexes which creates a nauseous feeling and disturbs normal digestion.

I forgive myself that I have NOT accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand how engaging unaware, within these habitual morning patterns of impatience, consequence manifests in my life/living, and as I am part of the whole, the life of others and of the planet.  These consequence being: I create stress/anxiety in the body that causes me to tire easily/need more sleep in order for the body to recover, I create sickness as in digestion/stomach related problems,  which in turn causes me to be less productive in my day, I do not accomplish long term goals to a competent level ie. learning to play an instrument but just quickly learning ‘enough’ to get by (because of impatience-so get energized/motivated for change/success for a certain time period only and then crash) thereby not allowing myself to effectively learn/progress, within physical space/time reality in each moment, and thus be able to share/give what I have learned to assist and support others/my world.


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