Day 208: Stuck in The Same Old Patterns: A Commitment to Change: Part 5

breathelifeFor proper context to this blog, please read: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

From Part 1: I have been listening to the Quantum Mind Series on Eqafe. In this particular interview, Quantum Mind Self Awareness – STEP 46, ‘What are Living Patterns and how to De-pattern Mind Presence to Discover your True Beingness within it’ is discussed. As I listened, I could definitely relate to what was unfolding, I experience specific patterns, of thought/feelings/emotions at certain times of the day, in the morning, afternoon and the early evening…In the next few blogs posts I will examine these patterns, through incorporating what I have learned from the Reptilian Series on Impatience (part 225-228).

A Commitment to Change Old Living Patterns: MORNING PATTERNS

When and as I see myself being directed by the emotional energies of: self-doubt (manifests as a hesitation versus just moving), excitement and/or apathy-depression, happiness, fear, worry, guilt, greed as I jump between the polarities of excitatory impatience and an irritating impatience I COMMIT MYSELF TO STOP AND BREATHE. I realize I already know who this person/character is but I do not know who I will be as simply moving with breath/a physical being-directing their own mind instead of being directed/enslaved by it, and so give myself the gift of establishing clear meaning and purpose in my life. I remind myself to continue the process of establishing self-trust/intimacy within my stability /awareness and keep moving to accomplish my tasks/responsibilities in the morning.

When and as I see myself having gone so far within participating in these morning patterns that I have allowed physical/behavioral changes to occur in my human physical body, I commit myself to stop, I bring my awareness back to the physical, to here and focus on my breath until I am stable. I realize by postponing I go into timelooping within morning thought patterns of impatience, which bring on imaginations and emotions, eating away at the human flesh and keeping me pre-occupied so that I am not focusing on tasks/goals that can bring about a world that is best for all. Thus I commit to change me.

When and as I see myself having gone so far within participating in these morning patterns that I have manifest consequence in my life/living I stop, I breathe. I realize, as I am part of the whole, what I do/who I am within each day, directly and indirectly effects the life of others and of the planet. I remind myself I have to but, in awareness direct myself to begin/start with the first step and focus my attention there and not get lost in the mind with feelings/emotions of overwhelmingness and impatience. Thus, I commit myself to learn/progress, within physical space/time reality in each moment, and thus be able to share/give what I have learned to assist and support others/my world.

tumblr_mlm5v5Ap4m1snp5mao1_1280‘Human Rights and the violations of human rights is directly related to Money. Currently, money is the blood of the system. And the soul of money is the blood of the people. We currently have a system that costs the blood of innocents by placing profit / self-interest before life.’ Bella Bargilly

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